GSoC Week 9: Attaching Files

August 1, 2017

Hi everyone, This is a very short update, and there wasn’t much of an issue regarding this patch. It was merely adding the attachments with less options available to the user. We eliminated the review flags, as a bug filing process usually includes adding an image or a log as an attachment, and not a patch (for which a review might be required). We also planned that we’ll avoid putting the tracking flags feature in the new-bug, as flagging is often done, after the bug is filed, and having them, would unnecessarily clutter the interface. ... Read more

GSoC Week 7 & 8: Style it like Github

July 26, 2017

Hi everyone, So these weeks some radical changes happened in terms of design. The new-bug design was looking uglier day-by-day, as we were shamelessly copying the bug modal design which is actually suited for show_bug.cgi. So it was planned we’ll go with re-organizing parts of the layout and also implementing keywords feature. Work After lots of discussion with my mentor, we decided to approach Kohei Yoshino ( designer and UX expert) and his inputs were really valuable. ... Read more

Integrate GraphQL in Treeherder

July 13, 2017

It was almost six months ago when over the general chat, William discussed the idea of integrating GraphQL with treeherder. GraphQL is a novel standard created by Facebook, to replace existing clunky REST APIs. Why GraphQL At its core when compared to REST, it stands out in two aspects mainly: 1) REST APIs give out a lot of information than what might be required by the web interface. To put it short, REST APIs have a static structure, and for even getting one string, the whole JSON has to be retrieved. ... Read more

GSoC Week 5 & 6: Caching in with selectize

July 9, 2017

Hi everyone! This post comes very late than scheduled. My phase evaluations got over last week and questions were only based on mentor evaluations. We did face some hurdles even after the model prototype was designed, which delayed the PR to over one week. Work The primary problem was that the BFCache wasn’t functioning as expected. All forms in BMO have this feature inherently and hence there was no way, the PR was to be merged. ... Read more

GSoC Week 4: Here comes the protoype

June 25, 2017

Hi everyone! Next week is the Phase I evaluations for my GSoC project. I have been able to finish the prototype as planned in my proposal. Work Bug 1365345: The work involved winding up the previous month’s work of unusable bits into a working prototype. There were two issues faced during this: 1) Tracking Module: Bugzilla::Bug object required a mandatory version field, which was lacking on the interface. Before the work on prototype started, we only had the Status and Null Modules. ... Read more

GSoC Week 3: REST the bugs

June 21, 2017

Hi, so this week was a time in which a good portion of work amounted to my actual coding and creativity. Till last week, it was about getting elements from bug_modal design and placing them accordingly. Work Bug 1365344: The work here was to include the Status and Null Modules in the new_bug interface. The null module includes Summary and the Status module includes Product, Component and its description. One of the features which is pending and needed to be added at the end is the BMO’s prodcompsearch feature. ... Read more

GSoC Week 2: Some bugs here and some vagrant there

June 12, 2017

As the second week of GSoC comes to an end, I have been able to cover three major bugs till now. Work Bug 1365340: A new bug interface has been created. This loads up on /new-bug which is served by the new_bug.cgi script. This went pretty much easy, as this only needed loading of a page. The result is live in action: Bug 1365342: The first major task was to move new_comment functionality to new-bug. ... Read more

GSoC 2017 with Mozilla

May 30, 2017

Hello everyone! So as I mentioned in my previous post, here is what I’ll be working on, this Summer. Having worked with Mozilla for around 10 months on multiple projects, now for Google Summer of Code (GSoC), I will be working on the project “Improving bug filing interface for“ with the Mozilla B-Team. Inception I started off with Firefox, submitted around 10 patches and was an active contributor during June and July. ... Read more

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