GSoC Week 7 & 8: Style it like Github

July 26, 2017 by Sebastin Santy

Hi everyone,

So these weeks some radical changes happened in terms of design. The new-bug design was looking uglier day-by-day, as we were shamelessly copying the bug modal design which is actually suited for show_bug.cgi. So it was planned we’ll go with re-organizing parts of the layout and also implementing keywords feature.


After lots of discussion with my mentor, we decided to approach Kohei Yoshino ( designer and UX expert) and his inputs were really valuable. He suggested us to go with the github issues styling and that was one good of a decision. Implementing keywords feature was easy, as selectize had a built in support for multiple tagging.


Here is how it looks now: Github Like New-Bug Image

At present, I am working on clearing attachments PR and also a new feature by which users will be able to give product names in the URL using hash, like this - This will be useful for power users of BMO.

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