GSoC Week 4: Here comes the protoype

June 25, 2017 by Sebastin Santy

Hi everyone! Next week is the Phase I evaluations for my GSoC project. I have been able to finish the prototype as planned in my proposal.


Bug 1365345: The work involved winding up the previous month’s work of unusable bits into a working prototype. There were two issues faced during this:

1) Tracking Module: Bugzilla::Bug object required a mandatory version field, which was lacking on the interface. Before the work on prototype started, we only had the Status and Null Modules. But because of the inclusion of version, Tracking module also needed to be introduced. This also meant, the previous AJAX call designed for the components had to be extended to retrieve the versions too.

2) Extending API: As discussed above, the components API was extended to facilitate the retrieval of versions. Also, as a result of this, the components API was renamed to product_info, to indicate its use properly.


As the Phase I of GSoC is getting over, the major hurdles of setting up the inferface is done with and a flow has been created. Now it would be easy to extend the functionality of the new-bug interface. Here’s a look of how the new-bug interface looks like, till now:

Prototype Image

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